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Voicemail Protection ....An encryption technology based on cutting edge audio watermarking and cryptographic techniques. This product is currently being introduced to the key industry stakeholders. Highlighted wordlwide, the problem of voicemail security is currently one of the most topical issues in the world of telecoms, with many government calls for an increase in the security being offered by operators.

....digitalWEED has developed a series of signal processing techniques that closely mimic the funcitonality of well-known cryptograpbhic algorithms but has done so in a novel and deceptively simple manner. By doing so, we have created a (beta version) voicemail protection technology that not only protects actual messages (not just mailbox access) against illicit hacking but can protect each message uniquely and independently. The patent pending system is simple, transparent to the end user and ready for implementaiton.

Read more about this technology here

Digital Sound Mark (DSM) ....The first product from digitalWEED and offers a watermarking system to music owners and distributors. This technology embeds hidden data (using industry standard ISRC codes) which makes your music automatically identifiable by the decoding system used by Digital Sound Mark (DSM).

Digital Noise Control .....This technology has been developed, from the start, to address the needs of those for whom it is imperative to protect their content before release. It is also flexible enough to be used as a tracking mechanism to help identify the sources of illicit distribution. Now at prototype stage, the team behind this development is calling on stakeholders to help guide its further development so as to best serve their needs. Click here for Digital Noise Control sample files.

Expanded applications of our underlying technologies:

• covert communications & storage

• cryptology and steganography

• augmented reality applications

• smart phone applications

• geo-location aware services

About digitalWEED ....We are actively seeking proactive forward-thinking collaborators and partners in a number of industry sectors to collaborate in building solutions-driven industry-focused applications which address the many
problems faced by content producers, owners and distributors. Please contact digitalWEED if you wish to explore solutions-driven research / development with or without research funding