The idea behind the first digital audio watermarking scheme offered by digitalWEED came about because of a perceived need for a solution to the problem of accurate calculation of royalty distribution for the public performance broadcast use of music.

At the grass roots development level of music in Ireland (and, by extension, in other countries) those artists, writers and performers for whom the concept of Copyright legislation was first conceived are - ironically - being adversely affected by the manner in which Copyright is administered by collective rights societies.

This is not a criticism of these societies. Up until now it has been impossible to accurately monitor use of music. While it might be relatively easy in modern commercial radio and TV stations to provide a record of music use, it is not so easy to obtain such a comprehensive report from non-commercial, specialist and local broadcasters. It is also impossible to obtain usage data from non-broadcast users such as shopping malls, factories, record stores etc.

Until now...